Wrapping presents beautifully is as important

by:PPW      2020-08-02

Wrapping Paper

Add a personalized touch to holiday gifts with custom-made paper. Download holiday-inspired patterns and templates from crafting sites, print them and use them as paper. For family gifts that will go under the tree, use photo paper. Using a high-definition printer, make copies of your favorite family photos and use it as paper.

The wrapping paper can also hint about what's inside. This is a great idea if you are giving cooking gifts like mixing bowls, a set of spatulas and whisks or a stand mixer. Embellish simple paper with foodie phrases like 'Bon appetit' or 'What's for dinner?' and use it as a playful paper. This paper can also be used to decorate boxes of cookies and cupcakes.

Wrapping Tips and Tricks

Beautiful gifts like cashmere throws can be given without the paper. These throws come in rich and vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns so let those colors and patterns show through the wrapping. Fold your cashmere throws around a piece of thick rectangular cardstock and secure them with elastic ties. Choose a satin or organza ribbon in a color that complements the cashmere throws. Tie this ribbon around the throws and finish with a large bow on top. Using a smaller ribbon add a gift tag to the bow ribbon. Write down a message and instructions for care on the tag as a warm touch.

Cooking gifts such as jams, preserves and cake mixes can be gifted in beautiful jars. Fill jam jars or Mason jars with your gifts and secure the lid tightly. Place a circular piece of gingham on top of the lid. Tie a ribbon around the cloth to secure it to the jar. Use natural twine instead of the ribbon for a rustic, homespun touch to your cooking gifts. Add personalized gift tags and jar labels and your gifts are ready.

Enhance the gifting experience with these creative and easy wrapping ideas.

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