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by:PPW      2020-08-13

The cupcakes are the mini version of the classic Americana dessert red velvet cake. They have gained popularity as the loveliest birthday cakes for girls over the last few years. They are the normal yellow flour cakes with a dash of powdered chocolate sprinkled on the dough. Extremely flavorful and gorgeous with a hint of girlie playfulness, red velvet cupcakes have won million hearts all across the world. The characteristic red color that gives the cupcakes a 'blushing-bride' look usually comes from either beetroot or strawberry. All red velvet cupcakes that have recently become the best birthday cakes for girls have certain ingredients in common:

It is the reaction of the butter milk to the vinegar that is said to bring out the red color in cocoa powder in presence of strawberry or beetroot. When baked with utmost care and delicacy, these mini red velvet cupcakes turn out to be extremely soft, fluffy, well-hydrated bundle of flavors that become really hard for any mortal to resist at any point of time.

How to make red velvet cupcakes?

A box of freshly baked red velvet cupcakes from a nearby bakery is always a good choice for you if you want to impress your birthday girl in a different way, but what if you want to make them all by yourself? Here is how you would go with your dough and spatula:

Frosting a red velvet cupcake:

Once frosting is done, your cupcake is ready to be gift packed. Dreamy cream delight in every sense, a red velvet cupcake is definitely the best birthday cake for girls and the ultimate birthday gift for your loved ones.

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