While you're thinking about this year's birthday

by:PPW      2020-08-24

Why not take advantage of this while looking for birthday gift ideas for dad this year. You don't need to approach it as 'you're getting old dad, its time you paid some attention to your health' or 'isn't it time to loose some weight?'. These may be concerns you have about someone you love but there are more tactful ways to do it! Instead, take a look at some great birthday presents for men that will make acheiving those goals more fun.

If dad never seems to have time to get to the gym and keeps complaining about being out of shape, how about some home exercise equipment? Big ticket items like a treadmill or universal gym could be a family present, but if you think that might be too intimidating or not in your own budget look at some other options. You could get him a set of hand weights or step box and a DVD exercise program geared towards using them. Make it a manly one, no ladies in leotards! If he likes to walk, a pedometer would make a great gift. With a gadget to keep track of steps, those steps turn into miles while he watches them rack up!

If dietary restrictions are becoming a part of your dad's life get him some treats he can really enjoy. Often when we're faced with giving up a certain type of food or a favorite food we can feel pretty deprived. Instead of looking at all the other things we can have, we tend to look at the things we no longer can have. If this is your dad's situation, how about a gift basket of goodies that are on his 'do eat' list? Gift baskets aren't limited to cheese and crackers or fruit anymore. There are baskets filled with every type of food and dietary speciality you can think of; low fat, low sodium, low carb, low sugar, vegan, gluten free, heart healthy, organic, kosher. Receiving treats that are on his diet will be a big boost to dad's resolve and make him smile.

Trying something new in birthday presents for him doesn't have to be limited to health issues. Is there a hobby dad has always mentioned wanting to try? A sport he's always wanted to get involved in? A place he's always wanted to go? Maybe you can't afford the plane tickets, but a book is probably within your budget.

Shopping for birthday presents for dad doesn't have to be the same thing year after year. This year get him something different whether related to his health or a new hobby or that trip he's always wanted. It'll show him how much you've been paying attention!

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