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One month courtship

'In this phase, the right gift is a thing that shows your special attention to him,' said Robyn Spizman, the author of 'The Perfect Present'. For example, if your boyfriend likes to read books of certain writers, you can give the latest book of the author. If you're dating a man who has a hobby of collecting antiques, you can give men watches with an unusual design. Or, if you are dating a man who is infatuated with golf, you can give a book written by Tiger Woods. According to Robyn, these gifts will give a deep impression. At the beginning of a relationship, it is very important to give a useful gift.

Three to six Months courtship

Give a gift indicating that you and he are a couple. 'It would be better if you do activities together with your boyfriend like conducting a romantic dinner at his favorite restaurant or go on vacation to a beautiful place' said Robyn.

One year courtship

Give a gift that expresses your feelings. For example a picture with a beautiful frame or a pink gift box containing a pair of sunglasses. This method can make him more loving you. Remember, at this stage you do not need to spend too much money for giving gifts because your relationship is more meaningful if be compared with these mere gifts.

More than 3 years courtship

Successfully underwent a relationship for more than three years means your relationship has reached the serious stage. Choosing a gift is no longer something difficult for you. It does not matter anymore whether you want to give rings or cheap watches, because the relationship has stabilized and you can undergo the relationship with more relaxed. Ask directly what he wants, because currently there is no more 'pressure' to give surprise gifts.

Giving surprise gifts are very important in dating as it will be able to maintain the relationship in order to become more stable. A stable relationship will allow you to upgrade the relationship to the more serious stage.

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