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what is gift bag

what is gift bag


many people send some gifts on the holiday for family and friends the gifts with beautiful packaging .it will be an expensive gift, the patterns on the bag outside exquisite ,

This is the ultimate guide to finding the perfect gift for anyone and everyone,Make the present an event. Get creative with the packaging! Rather than just handing them a gift in regular wrapping paper,

think of the gifting experience as an event—and you want to make sure they enjoy it. the shopping is stressful enough, how do you select your gift bag?

Yiwu PPW Wrapping Paper Co.Ltd(here shortened form: PPW) was founded in 2000, is a design-oriented sales and production company 

and paper bag manufacturer This is an ocean of paper and package products, PPW`s a Professional paper bag manufacturer specialized

 independent research and development, production, and sales various of products, such as paper bag, paper box, greeting card, notebook, packing accessories.

Besides, to provide customers a one-stop service and competitive prices, PPW has adopted scientific supply chain management in this small commodities gather and logistic are highly 

developed place-Yiwu from 2013. Besides,  PPW has an excellent R&D team with over 10 members to provide popular designs and the free design service

control quality 

一、If the products with the same or similar colors are not put together in the same longitudinal position, product A may meet the standard of sample making, 

product B is close to the standard of sample making, product C has a slight color difference with the sample making, and product D has a large color

 the difference with the sample making. Therefore, the products of warm color, cool color, and intermediate color should be put together in the same longitudinal position to facilitate the printing of high-quality.

二.The film output of the paper bag pattern usually does not contain the drawing mark line, but if the mouth and trailing tip are blank, it will bring great inconvenience to the printing and positioning of the carton. In this regard,

 it is necessary to make a draw gauge marking line on the film. Usually do not need to mount corrugated cardboard packaging carton, pull gauge identification line produced on the body part;

Need to mount corrugated cardboard packaging carton, pull gauge marking line is made in the outward part.

三. Paper bag pattern to ensure that the film meets the printing requirements, after the film output carefully check whether the text and text on the film is consistent with the

 printing manuscript (as a check benchmark of the paper box cutter plate line must be standardized).

四.Paper bag printing should be carefully compared with the film and the sample, if the main tone of the film density is too large, you should add the exposure time of printing, 

to avoid printing tone; If the density is small, you should reduce the exposure time when printing, so as not to affect the loss of dot color reproduction.

Product Details:

1.Feature: Fashion,high quality。

2.Material:Coated paper,artpaper,greyboard,CCNB。

3.Size:Customized according to the usage of yr items。



6.Printing:Embossing,Stamping,UV Coating ,et。

7.Packing:Standard packing: a 5-ply high quality corrugated carton。

8.Weight:Based on size & material,thickness。

Custom packaging  

1.Pre-sale Consulting: Please confirm our customer service staff of the style, size, quantity, production process requirement, and customized patterns of customized products,

please call us, we will give you an accurate quotation. 2.Layout Design: After confirming the quotation, if typesetting is required, we will contact the designer to design the sample. 

3.Check the pattern: After our designer designs the draft according to your requirements, we will give you the draft for reference, if there is any need to improve, you can put forward your suggestions. 

4.Confirm the final draft: After repeated communication and modification, the final draft is determined, once determined, it can not be changed.

5.Order to make: When confirming the final draft, we will make 

,if you need samples, we can provide them, when finishing the sample, we can send them to you. 

6.Delivery: When finished, we will send the goods to you.

Valentine gift bag 

“I don’t need anything ”, your wife says. But you know isn’t true. you are really lucky, Treating a loved one to an item you just know they'll appreciate is part of the fun of the festivities,

if your wife tells the exactly and you can but it, if not,  You should consider what she wants .this is the ultimate guide to finding the perfect gift for anyone, it’s a  romance event. The gift needs the bag packaging outside, it’s elegant and mysterious.

private custom:

direct factory sell, free design,

 Personalized custom.

1:bow design, high-quality ribbons, and chiffon

2: nice rope, the three ropes together fixed on the bag

3: white paper bottom, high load-bearing capacity

product display 

Modern stylish 

Fashion simplicity 

Simple and fresh 

Best Christmas gift bag 

How to celebrate your Christmas? Spend some extra time planning a way to make something original for your family members. Consider all the many types of gifts you shares, 

if you don’t have much time, you can go to the shipping store select a Christmas gift. When you found the gifts, you need some paper packaging to decorate your gift. 

we think that the store holds all kinds of Christmas packaging. because our factory always cooperates with a retailer, such as NO ME, MINISO, supermarket and the gift store. 

1:Product feature :

fashion Christmas design :

Christmas trees,



all kind of Christmas essence into the paper packaging, and customs logo too.

2:use for more gift packaging out

the advanced gift with beautiful packaging.

products display 

what should we pay attention to in paper printing 

in the printing process of the paper bag pattern, the quality problems caused by the lack of plate making before printing of paper bags .how to without the problems?

Different kinds of paper bags need to be printed on a single plate.

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