Well it looks like with the recent weather we

by:PPW      2020-07-18

Given the recent weather it may well be worth taking a good look at your shed, as water has a habit of taking advantage of the slightest of gaps or loose roofing felt. Indeed you could well find that your old shed has leaked and suffered major water damage, which has remained unchecked over the winter months. This is not uncommon as many of us use them to store garden equipment for use in summer such as lawnmowers.

However you could find that if you have not entered your shed since late last year then you may find that it may have suffered severe water ingress, which if left untreated can result in rotten wood within just a few months, to say nothing of any damage to anything stored in the shed, such as cardboard storage boxes, which can easily have their contents ruined if they have been left in pools of standing water.

So maybe this year is the time to buy a new one, after all a well built one is a very good investment and if treated well they can easily last 20 to 30 years without major work. If your current one is around this age or older then it really is time to invest in a new one, as once they become damp inside then a new lawnmower or mountain bike stored in them can rust very quickly.

Whilst sheds have not changed that much in design over the past few years they are now substantially better built and available in a much wider range of sizes, indeed a good supplier will now be able to offer ones in custom made sizes to suit just about any application, thus enabling you to fit one in to what may once have been an awkward, unused space.

They can now be bought made from pressure treated wood, which will last much longer against a traditional British winter than one that is just creosoted annually, indeed if you choose to buy a new one then you will probably be wishing that you had made the change years ago.

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