We are all familiar with the red and white squiggly

by:PPW      2020-07-26

However, there have been references where the twine has been used on the 1st of March in the Romanian custom to celebrate the coming of spring. Family and friends exchange trinkets or coins tied with the twine, to wear until the flowers bloom. They then tie the trinket to a flowering branch for good luck. In Japan, The red and white twine was used in the seibo (tradition of celebrating the year end with gifts) by tying tassel knots on gifts and gift articles.

Today it's a different story; the Bakers twine has eventually found a place on every Kitchen countertop. Apart from helping chefs conjure up lovely baked goodies these little pieces of twine have found applications in several DIY projects.

They are available in a wide variety of colors and lengths that you could be simply spoilt for choice.

Here are a few simple and easy craft projects using the bakers/butchers twine:

Votives or jars:

To make a decorative votive, choose a glass bowl of any solid color. Take glass liners and either make patterns by drawing geometric patterns or concentric circle with the centre of the base of the bowl. Apply glue on alternate rings and stick bakers' twine of various colors. When a candle is placed in the bowl, the light would glow through the glass.

Similarly, brighten up dull glass jars by tightly wrapping colorful twine around it.

Twine Pom Poms:

Little twine pom poms look adorable and can be used to wrap gifts, or strung up to make a funky wristband. They can even be strung up vertically to make curtains for kid's rooms. To make small Pompoms, wrap the twine over the four prongs of a fork. Then tie a small length through the centre of the thread that has wrapped the fork, dividing the prongs in sets of two. Now slip the fork out of the entire arrangement and cut both the ends.

Tassels for Key chains:

Loop the twine across the breath of your fingers several times. Slowly slip your fingers out. Tie another length of the thread at the centre and fold the arrangement in half. Tie a ring of the same thread at the end that contains the tip. Now trim the other end to get a bushy and beautiful tassel.

Cards and other paperwork:

The twine can also be wound or arranged in different forms and shapes to make beautiful and creative greeting cards. It can also be used to substitute plain white thread on various paper and craft projects.

Commercially used by entrepreneurs and big companies to string their tags or wrap their wares, the bakers twine is a handy and affordable alternative. They can also be used to wrap your Christmas gifts or add a touch of color to drab wrapping paper.

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