Valentine's Day this year, Chanel, Chanel presents

by:PPW      2020-07-25

'Lady gaga' Precision Series Jewelry

Custom jewelry designer's first service platform of China Star Poetry Man jewelry its unique vision, sensitivity to the fashion for the pursuit of avant-garde, female urban fashion character tailored 'Lady gaga' Seiko series of Wholesale Jewellery in Dec. 2010 Yao out of the 8th world. Lightning Eye, butterfly hair, Qi Liu children and white hair, thick the eyelashes extreme, 'IPOD screen, sunglasses, electric sunglasses, resin coating, patent leather corset, sexy T-Back, three-dimensional structure, coat, nude color , Cans curly hair ... ... 'It whether the is up to people, it is ridiculous, feature alternative, is a bold avant-garde, or the next fashion trend of the new era?

'Lady gaga' series of the first quarter of of fashion line of mine, boldly exaggerated form, mix and match creative diamond bras, full of Lady GAGA elements of fashion, popular elements - Material rose gold and diamond inlay Technology micro-rock collisions, with Star Poetry Man Seiko unique technology, the perfect interpretation of the extraordinary Pearl Jewellery designer inspired design; show the sexy singer's personality bold avant-garde charm; to entire product gives the coolest, most in, the tide of feeling.

This is the a global prevalence of Lady gaga storm This is mine Lady gaga --- fashion line.

Have been inspired by the open country garden, Sharon, diaries and jewelry box key.

Tiffany Keys series is inspired by Tiffany & Co. Collections of the 'key. ' The collection of 'key' by some experienced goldsmiths and silversmiths hand-crafted, exquisitely chic and there is no lack of classical charm, mainly for Fashion Jewellery boxes, memorabilia boxes, photo albums, diaries, and luggage, and even open a private club and country as Manor door key. Many of other key precious stone holdings, is designed brooch or strap, and was sent to political leaders as a coat of arms or gifts.

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