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There are many different creative styles and types

by:PPW      2020-07-24

Recycled Paper

One type of gift envelope that is very popular now is constructed from recycled paper. Recycled paper envelopes can be made of old newspapers, denim, plastic and other materials. You can purchase this type of envelope from almost any specialty stationary store or card store. Look for envelopes with the recycled emblem on the package.


Another wonderful and different type of envelope is one that is made of velum. This is a thick type of paper that is usually translucent. Velum can be in many different colors, ranging from ivory white to pink to blue and almost anything in-between. Velum envelopes often give your gifts an elegant and stylish finish that will impress your friends and relatives when they see your gift.

Pre-Printed Envelopes

You can also purchase pre-printed gift envelopes. These wonderful envelopes can be custom printed with your personal holiday message on them. You can also find pre-printed envelopes that have holiday messages on them, including Christmas and Hanukkah sentiments.

Pre-printed envelopes are usually available in wide variety of paper colors and styles. Choose from holiday colors like red and green, or traditional Hanukkah colors of white and blue.

Wrapping Paper

If you are very creative, you can also make your own envelopes. Choose a sturdy piece of wrapping paper and fold it carefully until you make an envelope enclosure. The advantage of making your own gift envelopes is not only that they give your gifts that personal touch and finish to them. You also can construct envelopes in any size you need for your gifts. You can make them very small for the littlest items or very large for things like huge homemade holiday cards.

CD/DVD Disc Envelopes

One common gift for the holidays is items stored on CDs or DVDs. Many people make custom music CDs or photo DVDs as a way to commemorate special memories for friends and family. Maybe you got married this past year or had a new baby. Giving a video DVD or music CD can be a great way to preserve cherished memories of milestone family events.

You can find CD/DVD envelopes that are made of plastic or paper. Traditionally jewel boxes for CD/DVDs have been used. However, today's CD/DVD cases are much smaller and can be found in different innovative shapes and sizes. Look for this type of gift enclosure at office supply stores, retail stores or speciality media stores.

Present Styles

If you are looking for gift enclosures, you can often find them at retail stores, especially if you are purchasing a gift card. This type of gift enclosure is often printed to look like a present and can be easily wrapped just like you would any other gift. Many gift enclosures of this type have amusing sayings on them or may have an electronic sensor in them that plays music when triggered by movement or touch.

When you purchase a card enclosure from a store, there are usually many style choices. Both religious and nonreligious themes are usually available and these types of envelopes are often inexpensive.

Aluminium Foil and Other Creative Materials

You can even use aluminium foil to make your own envelopes for gifts. Foil is great to use because it is easy to fold and you can find it in many exciting colors during the holidays. Look for colored foil at craft and hobby stores.

Other materials you can use to create your own envelopes for gifts include construction paper, cardboard, wired ribbons and cellophane wrapping. Cellophane can be found in many colors and is wonderful for odd-sizes or bulky gifts.

If you are looking for holiday gift envelopes, there are many choices and styles available.

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