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The most important question that needs to be answered

by:PPW      2020-08-19

1. What should you buy? Write down the options. That is easier than trying to memorize everything.

2. Where you should go to get it? Plan ahead where you would like to shopp for gifts. If you're sending online birthday gifts to India, make sure you choose what your loved one will like.

3. How much would you like to spend? This depends on your budget as well as the intimacy of the relationship.

Some tips on thoughtful gifting for children:

Make sure you buy batteries for toys that require batteries to operate. Children often open the gift box that contains an exciting toy only to find that there are no batteries to use.

Always buy more gifts if there are other children in the house. You can buy one main gift and smaller gifts for other children.

When you gift DVD's or CD's make sure you have tried the DVD before gifting it. Always give which works gift.

Avoid buying something just because it is cheap. Cheap gifts make a terrible impression.

Never tell a child that you will give the gift later. They have been waiting to get their gift. 'Later' takes away from the excitement of the occasion.

If you are gifting coloring books, make sure you also add in coloring material like crayons or color pencils.

Never gift something from your own home that 'looks' new. That's absurd.

Always see that there is an explanatory manual with elaborate and complex toys.

Why virtual gifting is fast catching on?

Virtual gifting which started as an experiment has now morphed into a full-fledged industry with several competing gift platforms. Given the flexibility and ease of use, virtual gifting can be done from one end of the world to another. From sending online birthday gifts to India to sending online Christmas gifts to the UK. Your intentions need no longer be hampered by the distance factor.

The virtual gifts sector managed to show off a turnover of 15 million dollars (and still counting) on Face Book alone. This just goes to show that there was a big gap that needed someone to fulfill. This gap had all those millions of people who wanted to send gifts to loved ones but didn't know how-unless they go personally back to their home country.

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