The 18th birthday is one of the most important

by:PPW      2020-08-07

What are the things that an 18 year old need or want for that matter? The answer is Money! Any youth would love to get his hands on a certain sum of money so that he can use it for his own personal purpose. But it is not a very wise idea to give him money as gifts for 18th birthday. Instead, find yourself some great ideas that will make your gift the most memorable one. One of the most innovative birthday gifts is the money puzzles and the money trees. These are easily available online and are delivered in your mailbox directly.

The money puzzle is nothing but an acrylic block of puzzle that is next to impossible for anyone to sort out. Although it carries with itself all kinds of instructions for you to put that puzzle apart and place a $100 bill into the box and reset the puzzle again. Then you can wrap up the present and send it across as the birthday gift. Keep these instructions very handy so that the gift for 18th birthday does not turn into a disaster later.

The money trees are also awesome as the birthday gifts These are small kits that you need to put together all by yourself. The trees have empty branches for you to roll up the money bills and attach them to the branches. You can put up a variety of denomination of notes on the various branches of the tree. This will certainly make for an amazing birthday gift. The fun with such a money tree is that the receiver will not be able to pull that money of the tree and he will neither be able to resist himself at all. As a parent, you would have loads of fun watching your kid trying to figure out what to do next!

Some other great ideas on gifts for 18th birthday can be stock options which are as good as cash, savings bond, mutual funds or the savings account. These are some safe way of saving up some money as these cannot be cashed immediately. These birthday gifts would ideally make way for your kid to set the right foot towards a great and secured financial future. He will also learn to save on his own, which will eventually help him be financially secured in future.

In case, money is not what you would consider as one of the gifts for 18th birthday, then you can go for a variety of other birthday gifts like sports accessories, books, gadgets, music collection etc.

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