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by:PPW      2020-08-26

Educational Toys on Kids Birthday

These make for very engaging yet fun games for small children. What else does a small kid look for in gifts. Such birthday gifts have the dual element of learning and recreation in one place. Puzzles, simple board games, personalised story books, telescopes and building blocks are good examples of birthday gifts cum educational toys.

Trampolines as a Birthday Gift for Kids

Oh! what fun! is the first reaction of a kid when he looks at his birthday gift of a trampoline. These are available in many sizes and can be made to order for if you do not have enough available space in your backyard or front yard. The safety part is the only con that this gift might have. The solution too is very simple. Trampolines come with a perimeter too which will avoid any kind of mishap when someone is jumping on it.

Bikes on Kids' Birthday

When we are talking of gifts for kids, the list in incomplete without this gift idea. As with the earlier birthday gift that had the fun element in it, even this gift gives loads of happiness and joy to children. So, bicycles, tricycles and bicycle and tricycle accessories are also good ideas of birthday gifts for kids.

Colour Books/ Small Canvas and Colours

Discover the artist in your little one/ones with a gift of a colour book and colours to go with them. The choice of the canvases and colour purely depends on the age, stage and curious interest in the child. The most appropriate colours for small children up to 10 years of age are pencil crayons, pencils for shading and water colours.

Birthday Gifts of Soft Toys and Dolls

Most of us would agree to our fondness for cute , lovable and cuddly soft toys. Even if we grow up, somewhere deep inside all of us remain kids. We should thus think from that part of us which thinks and feels like a small child and choose a soft toy for a little one. In fact, soft toys are like a playmate or companion for children. So, choose and send birthday gifts to the kids you know and love from little teddies, small elephants, monkeys to dolls and from a range of other such toys.

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