Starting a soap business doesn't cost much money

by:PPW      2020-07-27

Your imagination is the limit to where your can sell soap. Here are 5 ways to sell your soap and start a soap business and the results may surprise you.

1. Farmers' Markets --

Handmade soap can easily have a farmer connection. Herbal soaps are a natural for a farmer market. People who shop at these markets are already interested in 'natural products' so get in front of those potential customers. Milk soaps work as a farmer connection, especially if you could supply the milk for the soap on your place or at least know somebody who could and would. A story associated with products makes for a more memorable buying and using experience and makes it more likely that users return for your products.

2. Consignments --

Gift shops are everywhere and what a popular small gift soap makes. The possibilities for soap as a gift are endless. Gift baskets or boxes are obvious. Why not team up with a gift basket company and sell your product with them.

3. Spa Soap --

Check with local day spas. They will use your soap, especially if you can show the local connection that will appeal to their customers. That goes especially if you supply custom wrappers and packaging developed just for each establishment.

4. Bed and Breakfasts --

Custom label small bars of soap for local bed and breakfasts. Maybe each establishment will only use a small number of bars, but what if you sell to all the local bed and breakfasts. Hey, take a vacation to a resort area and call on ALL the bed and breakfasts. Sell to all of them and then aggressively follow up to get the repeat business of which there obviously is some.

5. Craft Shows --

This is my favorite method for starting a soap business. Put together a display of all your products. Get in a local craft show and practice telling people why handmade soap is great. Tell why yours is different. Some people will buy it. Give them a brochure so they can reorder. Collect addresses. Mail out a little catalog. My family sold 35,000 bars of soap in four years using just this approach. What you may not immediately see is the follow-up potential. That's the easier way to move soap if you can stay in contact with customers and provide replacements for the soap that just naturally gets consumed and washed down the drain.

Any of these methods will work if you follow up with customers and market more products to them. You can even give away natural soap to people and market other products as a follow up and still build a business. Starting a business is quite simple. Keeping it going and building it to more volume is more difficult but what it takes is fairly clear.

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