Socks and Jocks are the most boring and over-used

by:PPW      2020-08-16

I can almost hear you saying 'yes, but what about the guy who has everything?'. I know, it's a dilemma. But not an impossible one. About the hardest guy out there to buy for is the office guy who has no interests outside of work and who has everything already.

This doesn't mean one has to resort to a gift card (though gift cards, if done right, aren't all bad either). Step outside the box a little and consider something you may not have thought of before.

1. Consider his interests

This is a very practical way to start your hunt for birthday gifts. Really, even the guy who has no hobbies probably in reality does have some buried interests. What does he watch on TV? Does he watch car racing? Go for model cars, a framed wall plaque of his favourite race car driver, or buy a boxed table game of TopGear. Does he watch Dr Who or other sci-fi TV shows? There are plenty of memorabilia going along with those TV programs. Or is he into the rugged adventure types of programs and love Bear Grylls? Encourage him to get out there in the great outdoors himself by purchasing him a outdoorsman vest, a hikers water bottle holder, or a good quality walking stick. If he's into sports, must I really give ideas? That one is kind of self-explanatory, with plenty of merchandise available in his favourite team. If he really is an office guy, there are paperweights, pens, clocks, and more available in his team.

2. Think A Little Wacky

If he spends his day in a suit and tie in meetings, chances are, he's ready for a bit of comic relief - and his co-workers probably are too. Browse the web for gizmos and gadgets that will make him laugh. Between the flying monkey shot between office cubicles, the mug that is theft-proof because it can't be used without the owner's plug, and the mug that stirs itself, you're bound to find something that will give a laugh. Or if you're wanting to get techy, go for one of the fancy USB gadgets - let him vacuum his desk, have a retro fan blowing in his face, or feed his fish swimming around in his USB aqcuarium.

3. Go for a Memory

If you're really stumped for a gift to wrap up and give to him (and even if you're not, these make great birthday gifts), consider making a memory with him. Get him out of the office for an afternoon and go for a drive to a winery, or the beach, a park, or go for a hike in the mountains. Take along a picnic with all his favourite foods and don't nag him for eating the unhealthy things of life. Even if you're not into sports, take him to watch his team play and cheer your loudest - just for him. Find a babysitter and go away for the weekend, or take the kids with you for a fun family time together. Go for a trail ride on horseback, bike ride, or walk to a coffee shop and buy him an extra big piece of cake.

These ideas only just scratch the surface for pleasurable birthday gifts, but it should have gotten the creative juices flowing so you can find the perfect men's gift for your loved one.

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