So many products are disposable these days, designed

by:PPW      2020-07-19

Protect Your Bottom Line By Preventing Damage

The shipping cases that you use for the things you need to transport - whether it's high tech gadgetry that can't tolerate a lot of jostling, or a fine work of art that can crumble at a moment's notice - should be chosen for the quality of the protection that they offer. Unlike disposable cartons and one-time use shipping boxes, reusable shipping cases are designed - inside and out - with protection in mind. Depending on the specifics of what you need to ship, a reusable case may feature custom foam inserts that nestle around your equipment, protecting it from all sides. In situations where water damage is a possibility, watertight Pelican cases are one prime example of products that go the extra mile to protect your valuable belongings.

Ergonomics Matter

When most of us think of ergonomics, we envision specially designed office chairs that prevent workplace injuries. However, the concept of ergonomics can - and should - be applied to just about anything. Disposable cartons are decidedly unergonomic - they often lack suitable handles and are usually bulky and awkward to move from place to place easily. When you try to move those boxes, you put yourself at risk of throwing out your back or otherwise injuring yourself. Custom cases, however, are designed with ergonomics in mind. In addition to offering unbeatable protection, reusable shipping cases are a breeze to move around; they usually boast well-placed and/or telescoping handles and are streamlined enough to keep you from inadvertently pulling a muscle.

Presentation Is Still Important

In the business world - as in most environments - appearance counts. The aesthetics of custom cases - including shipping cases - is therefore important. Nothing looks shabbier than arriving at an important meeting with a torn, bedraggled looking old cardboard carton. On the other hand, showing up with a sleekly designed, reusable shipping case helps give you a professional and capable air. If you think that finding a custom case that combines protection, ergonomics and aesthetics is impossible, think again: Caseman offers a complete line of custom shipping cases that are as attractive as they are functional. By relying on such top of the line products, you can get your important tools from place to place in one piece - while maintaining a professional and confident exterior all the while.

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