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by:PPW      2020-08-10

Creamy Bunny Rabbit: This soft bunny is especially crafted to be cuddled and hugged by your little cuddly baby girl. The bunny wears a jumper where you can get your personalized message embroidered. It's soft fur needs gentle care. With her tender arms and hands, your little toddler would hug her best friend. This bunny has pink tender paws and has this very cute blue and pink ribbon attached around its neck.

Holder for your little one's birth certificate: Designed in a tube pattern, this box has the words Birth Certificate scraped on the lid. It is an ideal gift for your little world who has rendered you immense joy and happiness with his/her tender moves. Birth certificates are important for a baby and surely you wouldn't want to miss out anything that signifies your baby's identity. This is simply not a gender-specific gift and can be given to a baby boy or girl. It is designed in silver and cream finish. The two-tone rectangular box is ideal for new born baby gifts.

Button Corner Photo Frame: New born baby gifts turn on a new meaning with this cute photo frame, a forever keepsake. This frame is ideal to capture beautiful moments on your baby's first birthday. The frame has typical wooden finish with silver bear attached at the bottom corner of the frame. Your little joy will treasure the image forever.

Baby Pink Polka dot Photo Frame: Want to shower your little baby girl with special birthday gifts, this photo frame definitely suits your needs. It's a keepsake where you can frame a lovely moment with your little one smiling. The frame is all colored in tender pink color with white spots. The top of the frame has a 3d bear in silvery finish. There is also a stand attached to the frame making it possible for you to gaily display your little loved one's photo.

If you are looking for special birthday gifts or new born baby gifts, then you can consider buying the items mentioned here.

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