Paperboard cartons, brown paper, cardboard boxes

by:PPW      2020-07-19

In fact is it so intrinsic part of our lives that we do not even know when we acquire, use and dispose off the packaged consumables and even store them in our charge. A use and through fruit drink is readily consumed by you is a result of a packaged covering that holds that drink in a branded covering which is acquired, detained and consumed and disposed very fast by us.

When you buy a T.V. is safe packed with cardboard material and bubble wrapped and paper filled from inside to protect it from any sort of damage and ensuring an easy transportation. This is another form of packaging which is aimed at safety, storage and handling of a heavy-delicate product.

Earliest recorded packaging dates back 1035 where consumable items like vegetables, spices and even the hardware were wrapped in papers at the point of sale.

However, this marked the beginning era of packaging and maintained a flow towards more protective, assured and sophisticated forms of packaging with the growing needs of the users and diversifying utilities of products. With time packaging material became more accommodating, functionally smart and improved performance and incorporated advanced practices in offering packing, storage, labeling and supplies.

This change entails the introduction of tinned cans plated with steel for packaging of drinks in the 19th century. Even the paper board cartons and corrugated boxes replaced paper and jute wrapping in the later year for various goods.

The world of packaging witnessed a paradigm shift when Bakelite closures, hard bind cardboard boxes, foam sheets, transparent cellophane started being used for increased processing efficiency and safety.

Today we cannot think even a single product being transported, stored or offered without packaging. Water, pencils, computers, mirrors, clothes, medicines, phones, fruits, DTH, books, even cars are packed when they are transported to the showrooms.

Packaging is not just enclosing a product or good all over within an opaque stuff or covering it altogether. Even just a brown paper lying over top of a blackboard is a form of packaging in its own rights. Diced pork in tray can be overwrapped with a transparent film and that is another form of packaging. A little pin accompanied by paper strap, or ribbon or a cork placed smartly all can the variants of packaging, most significantly when you talk about brands and labeling. It also includes custom designed formats including some typically unique way of wrapping paper, designed covers, brand logo, water marked papers, Postal Tubes and carrier bags and cardboard marked with labels all forms a part of modern day packaging.

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