On a milestone birthday like your dad's 50th,

by:PPW      2020-08-31

A theme-party based on your dad's fishing hobby

If your father is an avid angler, you could choose a fishing theme for his 50th birthday party. Consider renting a nice water craft, it could be a big fishing boat or party yacht, and invite friends and family to celebrate in style. One of the main entrees at the party should be your dad's favorite seafood platter. To provide more entertainment, hire a band to play your dad's favorite music. Use this time to spoil your dad with a new fishing pole or tackle box.

Box seats to a sports event

Your sports-lover dad will definitely love to receive tickets to see the game of his favorite team on his 50th birthday. Plus, you can even get tickets for the both of you so you can spend more time together.

A signed album of his favorite musician or band or a playlist of his favorite musical genre

If your father is a big fan of a particular musician, you can look for an autographed album to gift him. In case you could not find this rare item, improvise and entertain his musical interests with an iPod or a CD of his favorite music. He can rock out to great music while he is at work or even just hanging out.

A golf course gift certificate

If your dad enjoys playing golf, buy him a gift certificate for some rounds at a local golf course. Arrange for a tee time and golf game for your dad and his friends to make it more enjoyable.

A spa or massage certificate

A great idea for a birthday gift for a middle-aged working father is a gift certificate for a massage or spa treatment. Give him a gift certificate that will allow him to be pampered and give him a break from work.

Personalized recorded messages

Another unique gift idea for your father's birthday is giving him something personal such as a LifeOnRecord CD. Through their toll-free number, you can record heartfelt messages for your father. You can also encourage other friends and family members to call the number and record birthday greetings and well-wishes for your father, which can be downloaded or saved in an external storage device.

Your father is one of the most significant men in your life, and whether it is a grand celebration or a simple gift to commemorate his 50th birthday, the important thing is to make him feel loved.


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