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by:PPW      2020-08-05

Tiny Dancer, Timeless Memories: The Ballerina Music Box

Music-themed gifts have a particularly strong link to happy childhood memories. Many of us first glimpsed the classic ballerina jewelry box in early childhood on our mother's or big sister's dressing table and, oh, how that tiny dancer in the mirrored musical box enchanted us! As for music boxes, nothing has greater power than the delicate sound of a wind-up music box to bring back vivid memories of a cherished time and place.

The Quest for the Unique: A Renaissance in Exquisite Design

Today, discerning shoppers in search of truly unique gifts for women are rediscovering musical boxes and custom jewelry boxes. Their timing is perfect, because from traditional to modern jewelry boxes and music gifts, the range of designs has never been broader or more imaginative. Reuge, an internationally renowned music box company since 1865, excels at the creative engineering of music box movement. Highly prized by music box collectors the world over, the gift of a Reuge brand musical gift is a treasure indeed.

Men certainly haven't been left out of the renaissance in luxury mechanical gifts and just because they are among the growing numbers of musical gift givers and collectors. Thanks to the renewed fascination with pre-21st century mechanisms, the mechanical watch is enjoying a comeback. This, in turn, has fostered a growing interest in one of the most unique personalized gifts of all, watch winders. Quite literally time machines, watch winders are ingenious devices that feature a quiet motor encased in an attractive box. To use one, you simply place an automatic wristwatch on it and then wait. The watch winder automatically winds the watch for the wearer, thus insuring accurate time-keeping and preventing breakage of the watch's inner mechanism. It's no surprise then that, like the wind-up music box, watch winders are rapidly becoming the gift of choice for lovers of fine design.

Bell'italia: The Art of Sorrento Wood Inlay

Also in high demand among those seeking unique personalized gifts are Sorrento music boxes and jewelry boxes. The Sorrento jewelry or musical box is so named for its distinctive use of wood inlay, an Italian woodworking craft in which the artisan skillfully fits together a variety of wood shapes and types into an intricate mosaic design. From richly toned rosewood bases to ivory stained finishes, classic rectangular to octagonal shapes, Sorrento musical jewelry boxes are among the world's most exquisite and unique music themed gifts.

The Return of Wonder: Where to Find Mechanical and Musical Gifts

Where to find these unique personalized gifts? The music box company is one of the most popular online sources of Sorrento jewelry boxes, Reuge music boxes, watch winders, and that iconic ballerina music box, not least because it offers some of the most exclusive designs at highly competitive prices.

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