If you're looking for personalized party favors

by:PPW      2020-08-02

1. They offer you a wide variety of choices. These party favors are offered in different sizes, shapes and materials. You can select sheer organza bags, mini pails, half pint take out containers, little candy jars, purse shaped boxes or a hinged mint tins, just to name a few options. Do a little online browsing and you'll be amazed at the range of possibilities.

2. The containers are available unfilled and then you can put anything you want in them. How about salt water taffy for a beach theme party, M&M's in your wedding colors, or retro candy you remember from your youth for a milestone birthday? You could use Hershey's Hugs and Kisses and attach a message that says, 'hugs and kisses from Mike and Jennifer'. You might go with gourmet chocolates or maybe add something that isn't edible. Stickers and temporary tattoos are a good choice for a child's party. Hair accessories, seashells, scented bath salts, a keyring or a gift card can be placed inside. It will work with whatever treat or trinket you desire.

3. These favors can be personalized with your message and even a photo. These goody bags, boxes and tins can be created to be uniquely yours, tailor-made to your specifications. You'll find a wide variety of designs, adapted for every special occasion imaginable. Your photos and words combined with a beautiful design will make a one of a kind memento your guests will treasure.

4. They're a keepsake. If you decide to fill the favor tins or other containers with candy, then eventually the sweets will be gone. But your guests will hold onto the reusable tin. It will be a lasting reminder of the celebration. Your party giveaway to your guests is actually double the gift to them.

5. They appeal to young or old, and men or women. If you're planning a celebration with a mix of male and female guests of all ages, then you'll need to find favors everyone will like. But it can be difficult to locate an item that is equally appreciated by the grandparents and grandchildren. You don't want something that's too girly or leaves anyone feeling left out. But if you chose a personalized favor tin, pail or jar that you fill with your favorite candy, everyone will love them.

6. These containers would work as a favor for an elegant event or casual party. You could give these as a parting gift to guests at the fanciest event. You could also pass them out to people who attend a backyard birthday celebration. Whether you're planning a classy function or one that uses paper plates, these giveaways will be appropriate and appreciated.

7. They're unique. If you're looking for something different, then this could be the way to go. Since you will be personalizing these for your special occasion, they will be one of a kind. And you're guests will be talking about your creativity long after the party is over.

If you're searching for a great idea for mementos to give to your guests at your next party, you might want to consider personalized favor tins and other containers. Put your goodies into these contemporary goody bags, boxes and jars. Then watch the reaction of your guests when you hand them this delightful souvenir of the celebration. One look at their faces and you'll see why they're such a hot trend.

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