If you grew up in England, you will know exactly

by:PPW      2020-07-26

The humble teddy bear has been around for centuries and can be found in pictures and books since anyone can remember. A teddy bear is often the first toy which a child is given when they are born and this same gift will probably accompany the child throughout childhood, maybe even long after that as you can see in the example of Mr Bean and his Teddy. I must admit that somewhere in the attic of my parent's house, my old teddy bear is still lying, wrapped up in a dust sheet since I have never had the chance to get it out again.

Childhood can be a strange time for forming attachments and there is no rhyme or reason as to why a child will create a bond with one toy over another. My own daughter had a small red guitar she loved and my other child was extremely fond of a certain plastic bucket! Even though I tried to get them to carry around a doll or a teddy, they would always choose their own personal favourite toy.

There are many collectors of old toys and a lot of these specialise in teddy bears, UK collectors in particular having an interest in this area. Teddy bears can be made to order and there is a large chain of workshops which will build you a custom made bear into which you can add the features of your choice and you will even get a birth certificate for it. Some bears are collectibles and very valuable and you will find that there is a market for any kind or teddy bear which relates to a popular character.

My grandson is now four and will not travel without his Sully bear but for some reason when he goes to sleep, he will not take it to bed with him, instead choosing to take a collection of other soft toys. When we ask why he will not take Sully to sleep with, he just says no!

A teddy bear is a cute addition to any nursery and you will be able to find them in so many sizes and colours so that a child can even build up a range of them in their bedroom, although I still do not see the attraction of stuffed toys for a woman. I bought my children each a brown bear with the words 'My First Teddy' written on their feet and they still have these somewhere in the depths of their treasure boxes stored in the attic along with mine.

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