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Wedding bombonieres are intended as small gestures of appreciation to thank your guests for sharing your special day with you. They are also designed to be mementos that they can keep to remember the occasion in years to come, so it is important to choose a colour that suits the overall theme you have chosen.

The concept of bombonieres is thought to have originated in France some 300 years ago, when people started to give a small box of sweets to guests at various celebrations. Over time the idea spread across Europe and became especially popular in Italy and Greece where the custom of giving 5 white sugared almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility in a satin bag, gradually became a tradition.

Over time primarily through immigration the practice arrived in Australia. Typically the sugar-coated almonds were wrapped in tulle and attached to a small gift for each guest or couple, such as photo frame or a small vase. However these days bombonieres have evolved to the point that they are more stand alone and most usually incorporated into the table design. The content is also no longer exclusive to sugared almonds. Infact these days a wide variety of different types of confectionery products are used.

Below is a list of the top ten most popular colours for wedding confectionery. Although all of these colours are available as Jelly Bellys and foiled chocolate hearts this list concentrates on other types of confectionery.

10. Mauve/Purple

Apart from Grape Clouds There really isn't all that much in the way of purple or mauve lollies in the market at present, however you can find hard candy that is made in these colours. The good thing about this is that it could be personalised with the names of the bride and groom as well.

9. Black

Although black is a popular colour for wedding themes in confectionery terms it is quite limiting. It also has the added disadvantage of being predominantly aniseed or licorice in flavour which might put a lot of guests off. While Black Jelly Beans or Black Cats might be a little too risky to choose your best bet would be Gummy Blackberries and Raspberries, which would actually be the perfect combination for Red/Black themed weddings.

8. Blue

This might surprise some but there aren't as many blue lollies around as you might think. If you are after light blue lollies there are a couple of options available most notably Blue Clouds. However if you are looking for dark blue your best bet would be to choose the Dark Chocolate Lindor Balls as there really is nothing else.

7. Yellow

If yellow is your colour then there are is good selection of lollies to choose from, although Bananas are about the only plain yellow lolly around there are a couple of hybrids like Witchetty Grubs and Pineapples that would be good for white and yellow or green and yellow themed weddings.

6. Orange

Although there are a decent number of orange coloured lollies around a lot of them might not be suitable as bombonieres because of the high sugar coating many of them have. That said no wedding confectionery buffet would be complete without some Sour Ears or Sour Mandarins. Not only do they taste great but the colours look amazing in such a display.

5. White

In wedding confectionery terms white is actually quite a good colour because of the wide variety of white chocolate covered products available. In terms of lollies it also offers good choices with mints or milk bottles being especially popular.

4. Green

A very accommodating colour for wedding confectionery, light or dark green offers couples a number of great options, the most popular of which tend to be Dark Green Lindor Balls or Spearmint Leaves.

3. Brown

Simply because of chocolate, brown offers a huge choice of wedding confectionery. Whilst it might not be ideal for bombonieres because of the risk of the chocolate marking the inside of your boxes or bags, a confectionery buffet full of chocolate lollies makes not only for a spectacular visual but also for happy guests. After all everybody loves chocolate!

2. Pink

One of the most popular colours for wedding themes, pink provides couples with a number of very appealing confectionery options that will have your guests drooling before they know it. Lollies like Musk Drops and Mini Florals are especially popular choices of wedding bomboniere whilst Pink Pigs are also commonly in demand.

1. Red

By far the most popular confectionery colour available there are simply loads of red colour lollies to choose from including gummy lollies, powder dusted lollies, candy coated lollies, hard candy and Lindor Balls. Infact your biggest problem will be narrowing the selection down. Still I am sure your taste buds will have fun trying!

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