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by:PPW      2020-07-17

Sizing - One of the biggest considerations is always going to be size. Carton measurements are taken internally and that needs to be taken into consideration when calculating space requirements. If your product is oddly shaped consider custom cardboard boxes for maximum protection. Choosing a box that is too big can cause your goods to break in transit. If you do end up with extra space in a carton, it should be filled with some kind of packaging material to keep the products from tearing the box open or breaking. An improperly sized box can lead to all sorts of additional costs.

Performance - The grade of the cardboard is a big indicator of how the box will perform. It's a good idea to try to strike the best balance between cost and effectiveness when choosing a grade of cardboard to use for your products. You should consider how much abuse the carton will undergo in shipping as well as the condition in which it will be kept. Choosing the cheapest grade of cardboard can cost you more in the end if it doesn't hold up to the rigors of shipping.

Storage - Above all, store your boxes away from all sources of water. Humidity and moisture can break down the integrity of cardboard and weaken the box considerably. It also promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which can mean a total loss of the packaging products. It's also a good idea to keep the boxes free of dust as much as possible, especially if you use branding or shipping labels directly on the packaging. Labels won't stick to dust, so if they do get dirty, have the boxes wiped down before use.

Before you order cardboard materials from a distributor you should determine exactly what kinds of materials will be best for your products. Keep in mind that the cost of the packaging isn't simply a tally of the price per unit, but the total cost of potential breakage from choosing a box ill-suited for your product.

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