If you are looking for a unique birthday gift,

by:PPW      2020-08-16

Create DVD slideshows are perfect idea when you need a memorial photo DVD slideshow to show at birthdays, family reunion, the funeral of a loved one, or a DVD slideshow for Mom & Dad's 50th wedding anniversary, add your personal touch to make a memorable slideshow and tell a story while showing the pictures on DVD.

There are memories that are forgotten, and there are memories that will last a lifetime.

A personalized DVD slideshow is a wonderful and heartwarming way to keep your precious moments forever.

what you'll need:

1. Memorable Birthday Pictures

2. Birthday Slideshow Maker(I Recommend Photo Story Platinum)

Birthday Slideshow Making step 1

Add birthday pictures:

Download Photo Story Platinum (which is easy to use for birthday slideshow making) and install it! Once open, you will start from photo set, where you can import your birthday pictures through the Double-click the empty area at the bottom to add background music

Birthday Slideshow Making Step 2 : Choose Style :

There are versatile slideshow styles that can be can be used for many different occasions... birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, reunions, memorials, businesses... and much more.

Preview animated styles first and then double click or drag & drop your selected styles to the Story Board.You can also choose Add Random Styles.

Burn Birthday Slideshow DVD or create videos

It's time now to burn your pictures slideshow onto birthday slideshow DVD or create birthday slideshow video in various formats. Play the birthday slideshow DVD on TV or share on YouTube with others from worldwide.

Upload video to YouTube

After you creating the MP4 file,login your youtube account,choose 'Account' and click Upload button, and then select Upload a video, write down your video title and description. It's better to enter tag for easily searched by others.

Newborn Baby photo DVD slideshow with music

Wedding Photo Slideshow

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