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Not All Are Created Equal

When selecting a company to produce your photo gift look closely at the customer service statements. You want a company that shows a passion to create, a passion towards making the customer happy and finally a passion to make the best. You can start by looking for a retailer that is family owned usually this translates into a strong customer commitment. Next look to see if your purchase will be produced by skilled people. Many gifts are created automatically using computers and machinery that cannot tell the difference in color balance and how that will appear on a particular item. A business showing a commitment to quality will likely have skilled photo artist that will know how to calibrate all the important measurements to achieve best clarity for your item. Things like color balance, vibrancy, color profiling, texture of the item and size of the image all have a factor in the final quality of your gift. Every photo gift is different with different substrates therefore requiring different calibration. A photo artist will look at all of these and adjust when needed to give the most realistic photo quality achievable for any given item.

When it comes to customer care a big part of that is availability. If your in a rush or not who wants to send and email and wait 24-48 hours to receive a response that then may bring up more questions that needs a further wait time to get and answer too. Select a company that presents a telephone number on every page of the website. If a company is willing to do this they are showing a commitment to being available. By being available you can get your answers fast and the customer service representative will be able to explain anything else that may come up. Another quality to look for is willingness to present ideas or suggestions prior to ordering. For instance maybe you could email your photo first and speak to a representative about how your photo will look on a particular photo gift. Many times photo can be used on one item but not another due to image clarity or size. A good customer representative will give you on the spot recommendations and be able to help you make a decision on which will look best. It's not always about the sale! A company with a solid commitment to quality will answer honestly and be happy about giving quality instead of making a buck. After all isn't showcasing your photo in the best possible way the important thing along with a strong meaningful gift.

Also look for a company that uses a process called sublimation. This process has proven to be very effective in showcasing color, clarity and is very durable. Since the process of sublimation heats a dye and embeds it into the product there will be no tactile feel and it can be very durable. The sublimation process is resistant to cracking that is a common in lower quality printing methods. A company specializing in the sublimation process will know how to properly handle your photos to achieve best color and clarity. Photo blankets created using the sublimation process are very durable and can even be washed in the machine.

The Right Photo For Your Photo Gift

Taking photos are easier than ever thanks to the proliferation of digital cameras and computers. However, even though we have tools easily accessible, it can still be a challenge to take a good photograph and select the right photo gift for it. Start with photos taken from a digital camera. This will give you the broadest selection of gifts to choose from. Since many larger items like a Photo Blanket require a larger image size. Usually a photo with a file size of 1MB or larger will suffice. Most cameras manufactured within the last 5 or 6 years will meet these requirements. With the growth of smartphones and the improvements made to mobile cameras many newer mobile phones can also achieve quality and size necessary for a photo blanket. However if your using a mobile phone with a lower resolution camera don't feel left out, many of your images can still be used on photo gifts such as a personalized handbag, photo mug or anything of similar size. When selecting the photo choose a photo with good color vibrancy and clarity as this will give you the best results. Again choosing a reputable company will factor in this as they would be willing to help you make a decision on what works.

How Do I Start?

Select your photo then select the gift to imprint. Most sites allow you to upload the photo then makes some other design choices such as photo coloring (sepia, b&w or color), a special message to be included, font color and orientation. Within a few days you could have your gift in hand and ready to be wrapped for that special occasion.

What Types of Gifts Will I Have to Choose From?

There is a variety of gifts that you will have to choose from which include: Christening gifts, pet gifts, jigsaw puzzles, personalized tins, photo keepsake boxes, personalized clocks, photo blankets, personalized handbags, photo pillows, photo canvas and many many more.

So, while giving you a great platform to showcase your photos, photo gifts are also a unique gift that will be appreciated.

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