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by:PPW      2020-08-17

A best friend is often our supporter through tough times, our confidant when a secret needs to be shared and a person that we can simply enjoy life with. True friendship gives us the freedom to be ourselves and have the confidence to expose our strengths and weaknesses with no fear of judgement.

A best friend gives so much to our lives and it is little wonder that for many people it is very important to celebrate their birthday in style. Some of us may find it difficult to express our appreciation of that friendship, but a Birthday gives us a wonderful opportunity to do something special for our best friend.

We all know that birthdays are an important celebration of life as they mark the milestones and footprints of our lives. The greatest gift we can receive is to have friends, relations and loved ones remember our birthday and come together to celebrate the occasion. It makes us feel important and that our existence in this World has meaning to others.

That is why a deep friendship with another person plays an integral role in developing who we are. We learn to listen and empathise with each other, always ready to help when we can. Often our friendships are developed over many years, sometimes from childhood that mature and deepen as the years pass by. To have someone truly know you is the foundation of a wonderful relationship that for many lasts a lifetime. To have a true friend makes us feel supported and not alone as we journey through the experiences of life.

So what do we give to our best friend on their Birthday?

The most valuable gift you could ever give is acknowledgement of their importance in your own life. To call someone your best friend is an honour that they have earned over the years by always being there for you, through good times and bad, regardless of the situation. The simple things in life are often the best, so consider a gift that conveys how much you value their friendship. A card that truly expresses your feelings or a meaningful birthday message will often be remembered for a lifetime.

By all means buy a gift or take them out to dinner, but don't forget your greatest gift which is letting them truly know how much you value their friendship. Best friends are hard to come by, so let them know how special they are on this very important day of the year, their Birthday.


Michael Cornell is an International Singer/Songwriter and Author. His songs are about celebration of life which is evident in his own special 'Happy Birthday Best Friend' video that can be emailed as a unique birthday message.

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