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by:PPW      2020-07-21

At Christmas, cats, dogs and kids play with the cardboard packaging more than the toys. Cats loved to scratch and sleep on it as with everything else that kids happened to be playing with at the time and dogs were positive that they had to shake this cardboard until it no longer resembled anything and could no longer hurt anyone. And, of course, it had to be torn to shreds.Now cardboard packaging, in many cases, is used instead of wooden crates or paper to wrap things in. It protects goods that are being shipped to near and far away places and always has that extra use around the house. Cardboard packaging was invented by accident in 1890 in Scotland by Robert Gair.

He was a printer and paper bag maker by trade and, one day, accidently cut a box instead of creasing it when making an order of bags using a metal ruler. This is how he realized he could make cardboard boxes by cutting and creasing them all at one time.Corrugated fiberboard/paperboard is used as cardboard packaging as it has a triangle shape on the inside and this is what gives the box its strength. Also the air between the columns acts as an extra cushion for the box and gives it more strength. So now boxes are made of corrugated paperboard and are just as neat to use as a sleigh for those nice, high, winter hills. Different variations of paper, heat, adhesives and pressure are combined to make many different kinds of cardboard packaging.

Some of these are: -Single wall boxes made out of one sheet just as it is-Double wall boxes made out of two sheets glued together to form one box-Triple wall boxes, you guessed it, made out of three sheets glued together to form one box.All of this cardboard packaging comes in different thicknesses from grade A (3/8') thick to grade F (1/32') thick.Cardboard packaging can also be custom made for different preferences if there is something special for shipping.

The Cardboard boxes are eco friendly and functional for specific purposes and then can be used for storage or whatever other purpose you may have for it.In cardboard packaging there are 5 different corrugated boxes and structures available which are as follows:-Standard - 4 flaps meet in the middle on the top and bottom; -Folder (book) Mailer - one strip of tape on the top and in the middle is all that's needed;-Custom Die-Cut- a folding lid with locked ends and only taped on the top-Custom 5 Panel - for long narrow items, it is flat wrapped around and secured by tape or staples at the ends and sides.-Pad Sheet - Flat piece that has a variety of uses but the most common one is for an added layer of protection when shipping or storing.

Cardboard packaging is something that has become a standard and necessary part of life now and it makes shipping so much easier and safer for everyone and everything.

As it is lightweight, it adds very little to the overall weight that is being shipped so the cost is kept low and within reason.And everyone still remembers all the fun that was had with that cardboard packaging, and still has fun with it if the cat or dog or kids don't get to it first.

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