Valentine's Design

By Caryn Smith

by:PPW      2020-07-28

Certificates of achievement might be the standard when it comes to recognizing professionals for their continued education, but often they wind up hidden away on an office wall that few see. For real estate agents and others who work remotely, a better choice is an attractive piece of jewelry that clients will instantly notice and identify.

Lapel Pins to Mark Achievements and Certifications

Whether it's meeting a sales goal, earning a new certification, or reaching a 'years of service' milestone, sleek and sophisticated lapel pins are a great way to celebrate. Joining the coveted Million Dollar Club is the perfect time for recognition with a custom lapel pin. Varying levels of achievement are marked with either differing metals (bronze, silver, gold) or with the addition of colored gemstones.

Agents who hold advanced certifications appreciate the acknowledgement a quality lapel pin brings. Certified Residential Specialist, Senior Real Estate Specialist, and Accredited Buyer Representative are all important designations that deserve recognition. Wearing a lapel pin clearly proclaiming the agent's expertise can be a great way to boost sales.

Likewise, loyalty to an agency speaks volumes about the integrity not only of the agent, but of the company itself. Reward associates who choose to work with you year after year by presenting them with a unique lapel pin marking their years of service. Different gemstones, finishes, or even shapes can be used to denote years served, such as a blue stone for 10 years, red for 15, and white for 20.

Unlike gift certificates, framed diplomas, or even the big-ticket items sometimes used to reward accomplishments, lapel pins provide a visible sign of achievement. Agents proudly wear their pins, and use them as a way to establish their credentials with new and old clients alike.

Show Pride of Membership

As independent businesspersons, real estate agents have to work hard to build a reputation their potential clients can trust. One way to establish trust is to work with a well-known agency. And what better way to show off that alliance than with an eye-catching lapel pin fashioned from the company's logo?

Pins can be created in a variety of styles to match the culture of any company. Colorful layouts on metal backgrounds offer a great deal of design flexibility and are suitable for logos or text. Engraved metal in gold, silver, copper, or brass finish is perfect for a more sophisticated look. Dramatic embellishments such as unusual shapes, cutouts, and colored stones make your pin stand out even more.

Well-designed and finely crafted pins bearing your company logo will be worn with pride for years to come. Make a good impression everywhere they're seen by choosing your vendor carefully. Look for suppliers who offer free design work, custom color options, and quick turnaround. Pins should be crafted from high-quality metal for long-lasting beauty, and be available with your choice of attachments. Lastly, to ensure your pins arrive undamaged, be sure to ask that they be individually packaged. Many suppliers even offer small presentation boxes to make your gift all the more memorable.

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