Birthdays do not turn us older with years, but

by:PPW      2020-08-28

Wine and dine is the perfect celebration, but add some pizzazz by getting a little creative with your party. How about a picnic lunch for his family in the middle of the ocean shore with the waves lapping over their feat and the salty water occasionally seasoning their salsa, or a romantic getaway for the birthday girl and a comfortable rug in the empty planetarium enjoying red wine under the stars!

Treasure hunts are also a fun way to spice up a regular birthday gift. Hide your present somewhere special and come up with a creative way to find it. This could just be an obstacle course in the garden, or an imaginative ride all over town! This allows you to include other smaller gifts on the way, little cards expressing why they are so special to you, or even a chance to meet multiple friends who want to wish them in person! Make sure your final gift is worth it, or you will get jacked for making them run around for a bar of chocolate!

Romantic birthday gifts always include flowers and candy. You can make your gift memorable with a cactus plant and the words 'You make the thorns in my life painless', or a box of delicious mini pizzas and a note 'You are my 'Saltheart', because no one can do without salt in their meal'! This way you can be charming, yet unique and memorable!

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